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Monero CPU mining with xmr-stak on aws

by moriya9n

2018/11/11: updated to xmr-stak 2.5.2

Monero CPU mining with xmr-stak on aws

CPU mining is still possible on Monero. It’s defferent from other crypto currencies such as bitcoin, ethreum, etc. It’s fair.

This guide shows you an easy way to mining Monero using xmr-stak on AWS spot instances without installation.

For cost reduction, I use instances supporting instance storage (so no ebs needed) and download program as specified in “user data”.

Note that it’s not profitable yet. (About 35H/s per cpu. Calculate at CryptoCompare)

on EC2 dashboard

  1. create key pair

  2. launch templates AMI ID ami-994db2e4 instance type m3.medium Key pair name select key name as created at step 1 advanced details / user data Enter as follows.

     chmod u+x xmr-stak
     yum -y install hwloc
     ./xmr-stak -O -u MONERO_ADDRESS.ANY_ID -p "" -r "" --currency monero
    • MONERO_ADDRESS is a wallet address of smartphone applications.(can be exchange address?)
    • ANY_ID can be anything. It is shown as worker name on nanopool.
    • If you feel this site is untrust, put compiled xmr-stak on your site and wget from the site.
  3. spot requests i. request spot instances ii. enter “Total target capacity” as you like iii. select “Launch template” registered at step 2 iv. modify parameters as you like. “EBS only” instance doesn’t work.

Show mining status

go to nanopool and enter “Address”


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